What a year 2023 has been! My Year in Review.

πŸ₯³ Goodbye, 2023! Hello, 2024! πŸŽ†

It was an amazing, very busy year with teaching and learning, meeting new students, full of professional development, curious discoveries, personal growth, big and small travels, and positive and uplifting connections.

These are some highlights of my 2023:

πŸ’« I started the monthly Newsletter – everyone subscribe on my website!

πŸ’« I became more consistent with my weekly website blog posts

πŸ’« I started a pen club for my students

πŸ’« I continue the language exchange project for my students

πŸ’« Some amazing people gave an interview for my blog

πŸ’« My colleague and I started a successful collaboration running events for bilingual kids in Canada and kids in Russia learning English

πŸ’« The geography of my students expanded to Mauritius πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ί

πŸ’« Two of my students won the International Russian Language Pushkin’s Competition

πŸ’« I became a Silver Winner of the first stage of the International Competition of Teachers of Russian language abroad

πŸ’« In 2023, I taught six Russian courses for adults Level 1-3

πŸ’« As for classes for children and youth, my focus is still custom, tailored to each person’s needs, one-on-one, creative classes with close contact and guidance for parents

πŸ’« I attended 4 conferences on teaching Russian language and a bunch of great workshops

πŸ’« I did 4 large events for my students in person and online

πŸ’« I enjoyed creating videos and keeping up with social media

πŸ’« And yes, I rediscovered selfcare and self-love

πŸš€ My goal for 2024 is to take selfcare to the next level and to do more stuff that makes me feel good and happy whatever this could be!

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