The Word “Caviare”

“Caviare” is of Turkish origin; it comes from Turkish Khāviyār.

It spread from there to a number of European languages, including Italian caviale and the French caviar, many of which contributed to the rather confusing diversity of forms in 16th-, 17th-, and early 18th-century English: cavialy, cavery, caveer, gaveare, etc. By the mid-18th century caviare or caviar had become the established spellings.

Ironically, although caviare is quintessentially a Russian delicacy, Russia does not have the word caviar; it uses икра – “ikra.”

Interestingly enough, the Japanese word for salmon roe ikura (イクラ) is transliteration of the Russian word ikra. John Ayato Dictionary of Word Origins. New York. 1991.

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