Russian Red

This year, we harvested Russian red garlic. Known as elephant garlic, levant garlic, Russian red garlic is type of leek brought to North America by Russian immigrants in the beginning of XX century. Russian garlic is one of the common names for Allium ampeloprasum. Russian garlic is a larger version of regular garlic. Cloves of […]

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Charming Charoite

During the last Cowichan Valley Visions Art Tour, we discovered one rare mineral that can be found only in Russia. Silversmith Michele Heath introduced us to the unique stone charoite. The name ‘charoite’ derives from the Chara River, Russia, near which it was discovered. This rare stone has complex wiry pattern and uneven colour with

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Russian Nicknames

Russian nicknames often resemble their full-name counterparts but sometimes nicknames are significantly modified. For example, the nickname for Maria nickname is Masha, the nickname for Vladimir is Vova, the nickname for Alexey is Lyosha, the nickname for Alexander is Sasha. The full form of Russian first names is used in official situations while nicknames are

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