Russian Red

This year, we harvested Russian red garlic. Known as elephant garlic, levant garlic, Russian red garlic is type of leek brought to North America by Russian immigrants in the beginning of XX century. Russian garlic is one of the common names for Allium ampeloprasum. Russian garlic is a larger version of regular garlic. Cloves of […]

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Russian New Year’s Delights: 3 Must-Try Salad Recipes! 🎉

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas! As we approach the biggest celebration of the year in Russia, New Year’s Eve, let’s continue the festive spirit. In Russian tradition, salads take center stage, uniting family and friends around the dining table. I’m excited to share three essential recipes for Russian Christmas and New Year’s Eve

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The Word “Caviare”

“Caviare” is of Turkish origin; it comes from Turkish Khāviyār. It spread from there to a number of European languages, including Italian caviale and the French caviar, many of which contributed to the rather confusing diversity of forms in 16th-, 17th-, and early 18th-century English: cavialy, cavery, caveer, gaveare, etc. By the mid-18th century caviare

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