Supercharge Real Estate Talks: Free Russian-English Vocab!

Looking to expand your real estate vocabulary in Russian and English? Look no further! Download our free vocabulary sheet prepared by a great realtor Vera Rudak, and take your language skills to the next level. Plus, discover how Russian classes can help you become a confident communicator. 

This Russian-English real estate vocabulary sheet is available for free download on

Check out Vera’s interview about her Russian language journey in the real estate industry in Canada. 

Are you looking to expand your language skills in a specific area further? I can help you to become a confident communicator by incorporating industry-specific terminology. I offer a practical approach that equips students with the skills needed to navigate a specific industry. With tailored curricula, interactive learning, and a wealth of experience, my classes provide an inspiring environment to enhance your language proficiency.

Download our free Russian-English real estate vocabulary sheet and elevate your language skills with Russian classes!

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