Summer drink | KVAS

I am a big enthusiast of fermented food as a healthier alternative to processed food and sugary drinks. 

I’ve been making my own kombucha for years and this time I decided to make a traditional Russian summer drink KVAS. This is an awesome refreshing fermented drink made of … rye bread! 

Often kvas is called “Russian cola.” It also reminds me of a less sweet version of Canadian root beer. 

Kvas is an ancient drink. It was mentioned in the Old Russian Chronicles for the first time in 989.


11 century, cognate with кислый “sour”; Квасить “to pickle, make sour” 

Compare to ancient Indian kváthati “to boil”, kvāthas “broth”; Polish kwas “acid”; Lat. “caseus”

All you need is rye bread, water, sugar, and raisins. 

I am avoiding using yeast but you can speed up the process by using yeast for the first stage of the fermentation process. 

Everyone has their own house recipe and their own ingredients. 

This is a simple yeast-free recipe. 

Part 1


Sliced crispy baked in the oven rye bread (250g) place in a jar, add 1 tablespoon of sugar, and cover with water 

Set aside in a warm place for 3 days. 

Part 2

Add the rest of the loaf to the starter.

Stir and cover the bowl with a paper towel and set aside in a warm place for another 4 days. 

Strain the liquid once more time through the cloth and then pour it into clean bottles. 

Add one-two raisins into each bottle, cork them, and put them into the fridge for three-four days to mature

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