Russian Red

This year, we harvested Russian red garlic.

Known as elephant garlic, levant garlic, Russian red garlic is type of leek brought to North America by Russian immigrants in the beginning of XX century.

Russian garlic is one of the common names for Allium ampeloprasum.

Russian garlic is a larger version of regular garlic. Cloves of Russian red garlic are easier to peel than smaller garlic cloves. Also, red Russian garlic has the ability to withstand cold wet winters better than any of the others.

Interestingly enough in Russia, Russian red garlic is not called Russian at all. It’s known as elephant garlic.

The Russian word for garlic is чеснок. The word is connected to the act of splitting and partitioning. For instance, the whole garlic can be easily split into multiply cloves:

  • Proto-Slavic *čеsnъ is close to čеsаti (brush hair, wool).
  • часть — part

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