Russian Nicknames

Russian nicknames often resemble their full-name counterparts but sometimes nicknames are significantly modified.

For example, the nickname for Maria nickname is Masha, the nickname for Vladimir is Vova, the nickname for Alexey is Lyosha, the nickname for Alexander is Sasha.

The full form of Russian first names is used in official situations while nicknames are used between relatives, well-acquainted people, friends and coworkers.

There is a wide variety of nicknames, short forms, cute forms in Russian and the usage of each one depends on the level of familiarity, affection, and the type of relationship.

For example, see below some of forms for name Maria:

Masha, Mashenka, Mashunya, Mashuta, Mashul’ka, Manya, Manechka, Manyuta, Manyusya, Maryuhka, Maryasha, Mariyka, Marisha, Marusya, Marusenka, Manyusha, Manyasha, etc.

Ма́ша, Ма́шенька, Машу́ня, Машу́та, Машу́лька, Ма́ня, Ма́нечка, Маню́та, Маню́ся, Марью́шка, Марья́ша, Мари́йка, Мари́ша, Мару́ся, Мару́сенька, Маню́ша, Маня́ша etc.

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