Russian Is a Very Affectionate Language

I always recommend that my Russian language students start using Russian as much as possible in their everyday life:

  • Switch your cellphone or laptop settings into Russian
  • Choose Russian as a primary language for your favorite browser
  • Switch into Russian when using social media
  • Listen to Russian radio, music, podcasts
  • Write a cute note to your loved ones using a Russian word

Look at these cute Quattro Stagioni by Bormioli Rocco jar lids! Chalkboard lids make a perfect sandbox tool for expressing your affection in Russian.

Russian nicknames and affectionate names for a sweetheart

Russian is a very affectionate language. By using diminutive suffixes, you can create endless lists of cute, tender, sweet words for your loved ones! In my Russian language courses I am sharing with the students the list of the most popular affectionate names for a sweetheart.

Here are some of them:

люби́мый(-ая) lovey

любо́вь моя my love

дорого́й(-ая) my dear

ко́тик kitty

со́лнце sun

со́лнышко little sun

за́йчик, за́йка, зая bunny

малы́ш baby

ла́почка ‘ sweetie pie’ (literally from ‘лапа’ – animal’s paw)

ры́бка, ры́ба моя́ little fish, fish

мы́шка little mouse

краса́вица моя́ my beautiful (f)

What does my note on the photo say? Can you find this affectionate name on the list? Is it a common affectionate name? Leave your comment and I will follow up!

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