Russian Cut Roses

Have you heard about Russian cut roses or Designer cut? By Russian cut, North American florists mean cutting roses during their prime. Apparently, roses left on a longer stem have better performance and have a longer vase life. They are larger and have more open blooms. This cut is more common in Europe while North Americans tend to cut roses in the bud stage.

Why is this cut called Russian? Because of the Russian tradition of giving a single, large-headed spectacular bloom as a sign of appreciation instead of the traditional dozen in North America.

By the way, in Russia, never give an even number of flowers unless you are attending a funeral. Giving an even number of flowers in a bouquet is considered bad luck and can cause a socially awkward situation.

My talented friend Kristina | DD Photography and I did a photoshoot in a rose garden where roses were blooming at their peak. We noticed that the light, enticing scent of fully blooming roses had turned into a musky and richer one. I am sharing this dreamy artistic portrait done by Kristina.

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