My Teaching Philosophy

“A different language is a different vision of life”

Federico Fellini

A professional, result-oriented, personalized, and creative approach is my priority.

I know how to unlock your potential and how to make your learning more efficient. In my classes, I share smart strategies and tips for speaking fluently and overcoming the fear of making mistakes. With clear and simple explanations of Russian grammar, you will achieve tangible results faster than you expected.

My teaching is based on the communicative approach that involves 4 skills (reading, speaking, listening, and writing). It is important to me that my students are engaged and motivated as well – this is why in my teaching I use authentic materials, fun exercises, Russian internet and social media, menus, magazines, literature, music, and realistic everyday situations.

Culture is also an essential part of my language classes. The strong cultural connection allows students to discover the origin of words, idioms, explore Russian art, literature, cinematography, animation, the history of Russian crafts, Russian cuisine, and customs.

I hold a Certificate in Training Methods for Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language from the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. I was very lucky to learn in person from the authors of the very first Russian course “Methodology of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language” — S. Khavronina and A. Shirochenskaya. This technique was developed in the 1970s and it’s based on a communicative approach. The method developed by S. Khavronina and A. Shirochenskaya is considered one of the most effective techniques for learning Russian as a foreign language.


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