Levels of Russian Courses

Russian 1: Beginner Crash Course

Your successful first step.

In this Crash Course you will discover smart strategies for learning to speak, read, write and listen in Russian. We will go over the alphabet, sounds, stress, intonation, formal/informal styles of communication and other basic concepts of Russian grammar.

This course will debunk myths about Russian names and nicknames. We will learn about the calendar, postal system in Russia, and practice writing an address.

Also, we will talk about food, practice reading a menu, and ask about the time.

You will practice Russian grammar through crafts, recipes, songs, and videos.

By the end of the course you will be able to introduce yourself, your friends and family members, ask questions, write in cursive, and read a short text.

Duration: 20 h

What’s included in the course

Russian 2: Ultimate Intermediate

Take your Russian to the next level.

With Russian 2: Ultimate Intermediate you will boost all of your language skills at once. You will learn how to talk about hobbies, occupations, how to describe and compare items, how to read a map, ask for directions, address a stranger, and express your feelings, and talk about health. We will discover the language of emotions including names for a sweetheart, and we will write a greeting card as well.

This practical course will reveal secrets of how you can accelerate your communication skills by using engaging and fun real-life scenarios.

We will explore more of Russian grammar including three Russian cases in the authentic context of everyday Russian, popular media, music videos, and texts.

You will unlock your language potential for the next level up!

Duration: 20 h

What’s included in the course

Russian 3: Strong Advanced

Faster. Better. Stronger.

In Russian 3: Strong Advanced you will accelerate your Russian skills and gain language confidence. We will dive deeper into Russian grammar and will learn about the tenses, verbs of motion and the perfective/imperfective aspects of verbs. We will practice describing personal qualities of people, sharing about your plans for the day, and vacations.

We will wrap up with the Russian cases improving cases we already know and learning three new ones.

We will be practice listening, speaking, reading and writing skills using authentic texts of Russian literature, social media posts, music, news and articles.

By the end of this course, you will have a full guide for successfully learning Russian and a great overview of the Russian language as a unique system.

Duration: 20 h

What’s included in the course

Russian 4: Upper Advanced

No limits.

Are you already familiar with all six cases, verbs of motion, imperfective/perfective aspects of Russian verbs and would like to review these grammatical topics while learning something new? Russian 4: Upper Advanced is the right choice for you. In this course we will discover reflexive verbs, Russian participles and complex sentence structure. Also, we will revise the wide range of the Genitive case plural forms.

In this practical and engaging course you will progress your listening and speaking skills, essay writing, and will take your reading comprehension to the next level.

This course explores the language of modern Russian broadcasting, publishing, and the internet , classical and contemporary Russian literature introducing useful vocabulary in the various areas such as art, economics, sport, and news reports.

In addition to fun practice through real life scenarios, this course includes a guided workshop on the translation of the original works of Russian poetry and prose.

Duration: 20 h

What’s included in the course

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