Indian Summer in Russian

Today, on October 7th, 2023, the daytime temperature is a pleasant 24 degrees Celsius. The weather is stunning, with a serene, sunny, and warm ambiance. In Russia, this season of unusually warm fall weather is referred to as “бабье лето,” which translates to “women’s summer” (known as “Indian summer”).

The expression “бабье лето” is found in Slavic and some Germanic languages, with interpretations ranging from delicate spiderwebs predicting dry autumn to the period of women’s fieldwork, lasting a week from early September. In German, it’s called “Altweibersommer” and most likely relates to flying spiderwebs and women’s mythical weather-influencing abilities, connected to traditional harvest festivals marking seasonal transitions. Ultimately, “бабье лето” initially referred to women’s fieldwork but later became associated with autumn spiderwebs due to linguistic connections in Slavic languages («лето» summer и «лететь» to fly ).

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