Get Started in Russian: Online Russian Level 1 Course at the University of Victoria!

Russian – Level 1 Course for the beginners will start in two weeks at the University of Victoria | UVIc Continuing Studies. This Russian language course is one of my favourite because as an instructor, I can witness my students’ confidence grow as they overcome language barriers. Their Russian language learning journey is a source of pride and great satisfaction for me. I love to be part of my students’ awe and excitement as they explore the language along with Russian culture and art that may have been unfamiliar to them previously. For me, teaching a language also involves sharing culture, traditions, and values. I have the unique opportunity of facilitating cultural exchanges and promoting cross-cultural connections among my students, and fostering a sense of global unity and empathy. Teaching Russian also allows me to create wonderful communities of learners who share a common goal and often become lifelong language enthusiasts.

I help students to discover smart strategies for learning to speak, read, write and listen in Russian from scratch in a structured and fun way. We will go over the alphabet, sounds, stress, intonation, formal/informal styles of communication and other basic concepts of Russian grammar. Students of this course will practice Russian grammar through crafts, recipes, songs, and videos.

In my teaching, I use a highly effective communicative approach which actively engages four skills mentioned above. The communicative approach allows students to achieve great results in a short period of time. In this fun and practical Russian language course for beginners, you will participate in a wide variety of fun classroom activities, watch videos, and will also discover Russian culture.

This online Russian language course is delivered live through Zoom. Its designed for students with no previous knowledge and experience. People from all over the world can register for this online Russian language course. Find reviews and testimonials of my students here.

This Russian language course is 20 h | 10 evening classes once a week. Each class is 2 h.
Instructor: Dr. Galina Sanaeva

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