Russian Level 1

Russian Level 1

Russian Level 1

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Course description

This interactive course will help you to learn simple introductory concepts of Russian vocabulary and grammar, as well as how to make full sentences. You will actively learn basic level Russian through four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Through a communicative approach, you will learn many historical facts about Russia and its culture, as you watch videos and participate in classroom activities.

Learning objectives

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • recite Cyrillic letters of Russian alphabet
  • understand the phonetic system of Russian voiced and voiceless, hard, and soft consonants
  • understand the concept of vowel reduction in Russian
  • apply the concept of stress in words and use 4 types of Russian intonation
  • distinguish between cursive and non-cursive writing
  • form statements /questions using animated/non-animated pronouns кто/что
  • understand and use the concept of noun gender (feminine, masculine, neuter) and plural/singular
  • recognize and distinguish formal and informal greetings (‘ты’ and ‘вы’)
  • introduce yourself (name, surname, occupation, origin, current city, friends, family members)
  • ask about one’s name, surname, occupation, origin, current city
  • count from 0-100; read telephone numbers, postal codes and address’
  • list the days of the week, months, today’s date, and time
  • form sentences using simple negations
  • answer questions about spoken languages
  • conjugate verbs быть (to be), говорить (to speak), работать (work), жить (work), читать (read)

We encourage students to participate in our language courses more than one time in order to truly learn the material taught over 10 lessons. It also gives you additional exposure to varying activities within each topic.

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