3 Interviews with Students of Russian Language

 Three exciting interviews of my students sharing about their experience and benefits of learning Russian are published in Vancouver based newspaper “Vancouver and Us”. English version will be available soon. Check out this article here.  Газета “Ванкувер и мы” опубликовала 3 замечательных интервью с моими студентами о пользе  изучения русского языка. Английская версия интервью будет опубликована в

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Summer drink | KVAS

I am a big enthusiast of fermented food as a healthier alternative to processed food and sugary drinks.  I’ve been making my own kombucha for years and this time I decided to make a traditional Russian summer drink KVAS. This is an awesome refreshing fermented drink made of … rye bread!  Often kvas is called

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Russian shawls

SHAWL /Persian – Shāl Sanskrit – śāṭī, Russian – shal’/ – a simple item of clothing, loosely worn over the shoulders, upper body and arms. The traditional Russian shawl is a unique national symbol of Russian culture. These shawls are made of 100% wool at a factory in a small old Russian town not far

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