Good News!

I am happy to share that I successfully advanced as a silver winner through the qualifying stage of the 1st International Competition of Teachers of Russian language abroad! In the qualifying stage, about 150 people from 28 countries around the world participated. I am preparing for the final stage of the competition held by Immanuel […]

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Indian Summer in Russian

Today, on October 7th, 2023, the daytime temperature is a pleasant 24 degrees Celsius. The weather is stunning, with a serene, sunny, and warm ambiance. In Russia, this season of unusually warm fall weather is referred to as “бабье лето,” which translates to “women’s summer” (known as “Indian summer”). The expression “бабье лето” is found

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The Word “Caviare”

“Caviare” is of Turkish origin; it comes from Turkish Khāviyār. It spread from there to a number of European languages, including Italian caviale and the French caviar, many of which contributed to the rather confusing diversity of forms in 16th-, 17th-, and early 18th-century English: cavialy, cavery, caveer, gaveare, etc. By the mid-18th century caviare

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Level 3 Russian Language Course: Your Path to Fluency

Are you ready to take your Russian language skills to the next level? Level 3 Russian Language Course is designed to help you achieve fluency while ensuring you’re equipped with the most essential phrases and skills for effective communication. In Russian 3: Strong Advanced course, you will strengthen your conversation skills and expand your understanding of Russian

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Get Started in Russian: Online Russian Level 1 Course at the University of Victoria!

Russian – Level 1 Course for the beginners will start in two weeks at the University of Victoria | UVIc Continuing Studies. This Russian language course is one of my favourite because as an instructor, I can witness my students’ confidence grow as they overcome language barriers. Their Russian language learning journey is a source

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Russian Cut Roses

Have you heard about Russian cut roses or Designer cut? By Russian cut, North American florists mean cutting roses during their prime. Apparently, roses left on a longer stem have better performance and have a longer vase life. They are larger and have more open blooms. This cut is more common in Europe while North

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Russian Nicknames

Russian nicknames often resemble their full-name counterparts but sometimes nicknames are significantly modified. For example, the nickname for Maria nickname is Masha, the nickname for Vladimir is Vova, the nickname for Alexey is Lyosha, the nickname for Alexander is Sasha. The full form of Russian first names is used in official situations while nicknames are

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